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The Personal Safety & Protection App
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About TacticsON

Devised by Security Professionals, TacticsOn has been developed to keep you safe at home, work and when travelling.

Built with ‘privacy first’ as a core value, no registration is required so you can use it instantly.

You are always in control of your information at all times.

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Message with your location
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Activate a personal tracker
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Send an SOS message


Activate SOS and TrackME


Direct-Dial in 80+ countries
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Personal Safety Advice
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Step-by-Step Tactical Advice
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Location accuracy indicator


Preset your contacts


You control TacticsON


No Registration, Quick Set-Up
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FAQ and Troubleshooting

What is TacticsON?

TacticsON is an app with two unique features;

  1. Specialist Communications
  2. Personal Safety and Protection Advice designed to assist everyone, man, woman or child.
No. The TacticsON app doesn't require you to give your email address or subscribe. Once you've paid for the 'PRO' download, there are no further costs.
Easily. Download the App and you can start using the functions and content immediately. When prompted, you will need to permit the App to 'Allow access to your location' so the CHECK-IN, SOS, TRACK Me. PANIC and other functions work for you.
In the 'SETTINGS' section you can pre-select who receives which alert. For example, you may choose to only select family members for CHECK-IN and work contacts for SOS LOCATION. You choose who receives which type.
Go to the 'SETTINGS' section and you will see the relevant field (SMS and EMAIL) for each type of alert. You can then either manually input or use the Address book icon at the end of each field to select. You can input as many of your contacts as you like – even your whole address book!

Once you've entered your contacts, don't forget to press 'SAVE' before you leave the 'SETTINGS' section to keep them.
In the top-left of the panel you will see 'Accuracy'. This looks like a cellphone signal indicator with Green, Amber and Red. This will tell you how accurate your position will be on the link you send to your contacts. Make sure you ideally have 'Green' to ensure the most accurate position. If this shows 'red' then you may not be able to send your Alert – try and find a location where you can see at least the 'Amber' signal and try again.

Be aware, If you send an alert when 'Red' (for example underground), it could send the last location you were at when you had signal.
Alerts use very little data, so any charge will be very minimal. Remember, you can always send your alert by Wi-Fi, which will cost nothing.
TacticsON is totally private. We do not have access to or hold any identifying information on Users*. We cannot Track you or know your location* and nobody can activate your device features without your permission or access to your device. The App is 'native' which means all your data remains on your phone. You control TacticsON – no one else does.

* Enterprise Users and those connected/linked to an Enterprise panel (Family and Business packages) can be viewed but not controlled.
TacticsON will use as much power as most apps. However, the TrackME function will use the same power as your phone's navigation/map app. Therefore, it is important to ensure you only use TrackMe for a limited period to ensure battery conservation. Please note, the 'High Accuracy' option within TrackME will naturally draw more.
This a simple function that allows you to send either or both SMS Text and Email to your contacts with a simple message 'Checking-in', that also contains a link for your contact/s to your location on a map. Very useful if arranging to meet people, letting your family know when you're home or landed overseas, or even sending to yourself to remind you later of a particular location (restaurant, shop, etc.). There is even an option to post your Check-IN to Facebook.
This is your own personal tracker. On pressing the 'ACTIVATE' button, the colour will change from Green to Red and your device will send both SMS Text and Email to your contacts with the message ' I NEED YOU TO TRACK ME' and a link to a panel where your contacts can view your movements. Your position will update every 1 minute on the map. You can also select 'High Accuracy' if you want it to be even more precise. Once you've arrived at your destination and safe, 'DE-ACTIVATE' your Tracker to ensure you conserve your phone battery. Remember, this tracking is totally in your control and no one can track you without your permission/invitation.
In an emergency and need help? Car breakdowns, medical, need assistance from your family, friends or work? Pressing this button can send either/both SMS Text and Email to your contacts with the message ' EMERGENCY – PLEASE ASSIST' with a link to your location on a map.
This is your 'quick-fire' emergency alert. All you need to do is hold down the button and you will see a countdown '5,4,3,2,1' after which it will then send both SOS and Track ME alerts to your pre-selected contacts (Go to 'Settings' and input the contacts you would want to notify and press 'Save'). You will not need to do anything else, so you can do this by holding and not even looking. You can always cancel before the countdown hits '1'.
On pressing this button, you still see a prompt to confirm if you want your phone to dial the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Medic). This will direct-dial the Emergency Services in over 110 countries across the world. Please always use this responsibly.
No. The 'LITE' version is free, but has limited functions. Once you download the 'PRO' version, all the functions and content will unlock. There are no further or future charges. We want you to get the full benefit from TO, so will also update the content regularly and for free.
ASSIST is designed for small and medium businesses that want to manage multiple TacticsON Users and very useful to see, support and communicate with your staff. For example, when they travel, in emergencies, when they arrived/left an appointment, you need to locate them quickly, etc.

For more information:
ENTERPRISE is ASSIST for large companies with perhaps staff across the world. This service can 'skin' TacticsON with your corporate logo, include your own information (policies, useful contact information, etc.), a secure chat area to communicate directly with users, and Alerts: In Progress a feature that enables you to support staff in emergencies (Terrorism, civil and environmental emergencies).

For more information:
Not necessarily, but it will hopefully make you and your family safer.